Sunday, 31 October 2010

Series of Illustrations for an album cover titled 'Holidays'

Narrative really is the way I work best. My idea 'breakthrough' for the subject of 'Holidays' was to have a girl walking through different circumstances with only a suitcase. I have never used curved corners for story boards- it works well!

Another, this time more sinister and compelling.

Here, I am trying to fit the idea into the format of an album case.

Angles and shapes.

These next two images are just some initial ideas I came up with at the beginning.

Work from March-July 2010

A series of Illustrations based on the film 'Blade Runner'                                                 

   One of the many Illustrations for my Graphic Novel based on the poem 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' -Keats

 Observation piece of figure, with our conversation surrounding

A piece based on an abstract dream, involving being lead through many corridors and hallways

Another Illustration based on the narrative of 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'